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Christmas 2013


We always enjoy our trips home. We spent most of this one sick and in and out of bed but at least we got to do it in the comfort of a quiet hotel room. The girls stayed with my inlaws and had a grand time. They had their first Build A Bear experience – and both chose to build My Little Ponies instead of bears. No surprise there. They played with their cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. We spent 2 days in Ohio at the end of our trip. I actually made it out to have a beer in one of my old haunts. That allowed me to hang out with my sister and see a couple of friends. Going home always makes me home sick. I remind myself that it wouldn’t be the same living there again but it is hard to remember that some days. But it is always nice to return home too. We had some friends over for a potluck on new years eve and that reminded me why TN is home too now.

My snaggle tooth girl – her front tooth was hanging by a thread for ages. Then it and a bottom one came out at the same time.


Tessa is into super heroes right now. I love it because I am tired of princesses and glitter. We are having fun with the superhero toys she got for Christmas. She also loves legos and magnetic tiles. I encourage anything that isn’t pink these days.


Sabrina is starting to get into music. We managed to keep her into the 80s for a long time but she is starting to hear about other things from her friends. She got a little MP3 player this year and loves it. Taylor Swift is a current favorite.


We try not to spoil the girls but it warms my heart to be able to make their faces light up with a requested toy. Sabrina was bummed because she didn’t get an Equestria Girl doll as she requested from Santa. She found a Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl under the tree at home and was thrilled. Tessa wanted a barbie with a horse and was happy to find that under the tree.



Hope you all had a very merry and happy holiday.

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“Christmas 2013”

  1. On January 9th, 2014 at 9:37 pm Martha Says:

    I sometimes feel like that about Michigan which is where I grew up…but you know I don’t call it ‘Back Home’ anymore. So I guess Home is now in Florida. You know, ‘Home is where the Heart is’

    I can also identify with wanting to get Jamie everything she wants for Christmas. This year I got her a Mermaid Tail that she can really wear to swim in. She had been asking for it the last 2 years. I told her she wouldn’t get alot of other gifts if she got it and she said she would be ok with that.

    But I still feel bad that I didn’t get her Clawdeen’s sister and an Equestrian Girl doll.

    So glad to see you are still posting Michelle. Happy New Year.

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