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And another week brings…


Our spring weather early last week was a teaser.  It turned chilly and rainy again.  Then I got sick.  But I’ll be back with a giveaway soon.

A few photos – all taken by my friend Crystal, who has taken more photos of my children this month than I have.

First a few from Sabrina’s BFF’s birthday party.  The last couple are from a play date at a local gymnastics venue.

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What a difference a week makes


Nothing makes my household more lighthearted than the first real, true, honest to goodness spring weekend.  Windows open – check.  Short sleeves donned – check.  Playing outside – check.  First popsicles of the year – check.  Tessa’s little nose running like a sieve because she seems to have the notorious Tennessee allergies – check.

Sabrina taught Tessa to swing on her belly when Mommy was mean and refused to push any more after her arms fell asleep.

Even when swinging, she can’t stop talking/lecturing.

She who splits open green beans and eats the individual seeds before then eating each half of the bean by itself thereby making each bean last 2-3 minutes wolfed down her popsicle before I even returned with my camera.

Excuse her orange teeth.  Whatever coloring they used in these cheap popsicles dyed teeth, lips, arms, and hands for hours.  I need to make my own but they always end up like giant ice cubes instead of popsicles.

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Life has been rather zoo-ish with all of the illness rampant in the house this winter.  But at this exact moment, everyone is healthy.  And spring seems to have arrived.  Our forecast has highs in the 70s for the next several days.  Unfortunately, the weather was a little more like a northern spring day when we went to the zoo earlier this week with Sabrina’s preschool class.  I met a couple of the classmates I often hear her talk about.  And she got to spend most of the morning with her best friend, Megan.  Megan’s little sister is just about Tessa’s age and Megan’s mom and I are friends – so it was enjoyable for us all.  (Photos by Megan’s mom, Crystal.  She takes amazing photos.)

Sabrina had so much fun running through the zoo with Megan.

I was reminded yet again that my baby is growing up.  Tessa refused to ride in the stroller – she walked through the entire zoo while I pushed an empty stroller.  She had a great time climbing on things and checking everything out.

How sweet is this?

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Laissez les bon temps rollez!


I had a little Zatarain’s House Party on Tuesday.  The girls enjoyed the left over favors.  And for those who have heard me talk about Tessa not cooperating for photos, this one was a rare fluke.  The next one in my camera was her taking off the mask and walking away.

Tessa had an ear and eye infection last week and is on her first ever antibiotics.  Sabrina still can’t hear following her ear infections 2+ weeks ago so I’m taking her back to the pediatrician tomorrow. And I will say this fast like pulling off a bandaid: THIS WEEK, I REGISTERED SABRINA FOR KINDERGARTEN. OMG! WTF? Excuse me for shouting and text speaking.  For those who have been reading here from the beginning, that might be as hard for you to read as it was for me to type.  I just don’t know where the time has gone.

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