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Summer status


Last summer was horrible, awful, terrible. Steve was gone. I was unknowingly depressed from a medication I was on. I was constantly cleaning my house for showings and unable to make any plans. It was 1000 degrees every single day so impossible to do anything outdoors. It was a perfect storm for a horrible summer.  I am determined to make this summer better. We’ve been on summer vacation for 3 full weeks as of tomorrow. I can’t say it has been a huge success yet. Some life issues have interfered with the plan I made to schedule our days. (Imagine that. Life laughing at me making plans.) I’m still trying to get us into a summer stride/routine but it has been a pretty good start to the summer. We’ve gone to the library. We’ve had lunch with daddy during his work day. We’ve gone swimming a couple of times. We’ve gone to the summer movie series at the local theater ($2 for movie, small drink, small popcorn, and fruit snacks – can’t beat it). I really miss having a few hours, a couple of days a week to myself and am starting to get a little cranky with all of the feeding and cooking. Summer means no break for mommy other than nap/quiet time. (I make Sabrina take a quiet time in her roomwhile Tessa naps. It is best for all involved.) But I haven’t started counting the days or weeks until school starts again so I think that counts as so far, so food. I also haven’t gotten my camera out much so you’ll have to settle for a few instagrams mixed in.

 Bad attempt at self portrait with both girls. But I love Tessa’s cheeseball smile.



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