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For the first official day of spring break, we had snow. In Tennessee. Weird. I am usually trying to talk myself out of putting away the coats and sweaters at this point each year. With no regard for weather, the girls and on put on our springy pink best and headed to the city for Pinkalicious The Musical.

I’ll admit I was a bitleery. The last time I took the girls to a show by myself it was a disaster. Disney on Ice – the happiest place on Earth on ice and Tessa made my cry. In my (and her) defense, it was while Steve was living in Pittsburgh and I was an emotional mess that summer. She was just too young to sit still that long. It was almost 2 years ago but I still so vividly remember the overwhelmed feeling that I almost didn’t buy the tickets. Poor Tessa – her momma’s memory is long. (I really wanted to take just Sabrina to see The Lion King but holy moly those were some ridiculously expensive tickets…the children’s theater was much more reasonable.)

Fortunately, this was a much better experience. Tessa was enchanted by the play. The length was perfect – she was just starting to get a little antsy as it ended. Sabrina loved it too. I would love to be able to expose them to more plays and shows but it is going to require planning and a line item in the budget. I’m thinking of taking them to a high school production of Cinderella next week since that is uber-affordable. Production quality isn’t really an issue for a 4 and 6 year old, right?

How do you find affordable ways to expose your kids to the performing arts? Is it a priority for your family?



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  1. On March 26th, 2013 at 1:45 pm Kim Says:

    As a person who is very involved in the performing arts, it’s VERY important to me. 🙂 I just make it work….somehow. I’ve taken alex to Broadway Series shows (Marry Poppins and Beauty and the Beast), local professional theatre (there is TONS of options around us), local community theatre (also TONS) and high school. Production value does not matter to your kiddos – and some high school theatre is pretty amazing. We’ve also been to other performing arts things – but planning on adding some ballet this year for the first time.

  2. On March 27th, 2013 at 7:17 am Julie P Says:

    LOVE the pictures! So cute you all dressed in pink. We actually don’t see that much Arts. Ally has not been into the loud noise and the crowds. But she has been getting better. So we’ve been trying more. High School performances are a great source, so are “dance shows” that friends have – for year end ballet etc. We’ve discovered some amazing sources of “local theater” so we avoid going into the City (Boston) for the expensive ones. There are a bunch of community play houses – ask friends, look in the paper and online- I was amazed at how many we have. I was just never looking for them. Also – grandparents – mine are taking her to see Peter Pan in a few weeks – they offered. So maybe asking them for that when you visit them in their cities or they come visit you.

  3. On March 28th, 2013 at 2:06 pm Dana Says:

    I have taken Serena to see The Princess and the Frog movie in NYC. Princess all waiting to meet the children for photos ops. She loved it and NYC. Kept asking me when we were going back and she was only 3.5 then. We also saw the Christmas Show there last year. Money is a little tighter this year so we have gone to a few high school and college productions of various shows. She loves them all. So happy to see you’re blogging again. Missed you!