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Stuff I’m loving at the moment


Not everyone is aware of it because I tend to be quite laid back but lurking inside me is a version of Michelle who is a little OCD. I have an OCD streak that I don’t let run free because it comes with a perfectionist streak. And my version of the perfectionist streak wants everything done perfectly or we might as well not do it at all. So I tend to just be laid back about it all because perfectionism is just exhausting and way too much work. Have you been to The Container Store? It is so much fun and my inner OCD Michelle might have weeped with joy as we wandered around it yesterday. (Of course my 16 year old Michelle gave herself a concussion with the eye rolling.) I could financially break us in that place. It makes me want to completely gut my house and start over again – putting everything in neat little bins, baskets, boxes, and drawers. I had a gift card from Christmas (thank Cathie!) so I was able to get a few things to make my pantry prettier and a couple of things to organize my side of the table we use as a desk. But I want more!

Before – it was driving me crazy and I had been searching for something to organize all of the crap:

After a visit to the Container Store:

I will say their shipping charges tend to be INSANE so go to the actual store if you have one near you. But have a project in mind because it can be overwhelming.


My mom sent me a gift card for my birthday for Soma Intimates. They do nice bras but they do amazing PJs. They are so soft and so comfy. I likely wouldn’t spend that much on PJs for myself without the gift card (I is cheap) but I so love having some new jammies to enjoy. If you are looking to treat yourself and to give you husband an idea who he can give you a little treat for Valentine’s Day, this is a great way to do it. (I am writing this at noon still in my new PJs because they are so comfy.)


Something you can’t order but I am loving: this 60+ degree weather we are enjoying this week. The girls received scooters from abuela and bike helmets from Grandma Freida for Christmas. They had a grand time enjoying them after school yesterday.

I receive nothing if you click on those links and the items were gifts from family. But I wouldn’t want the FCC to be confused and think I wasn’t disclosing something.

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“Stuff I’m loving at the moment”

  1. On February 1st, 2012 at 2:06 pm typelittlea Says:

    Is that a Longaberger basket? Ohio, represent!

  2. On February 3rd, 2012 at 5:16 pm jane Says:

    Oh yeah. I recognize that Longaberger key basket, too! (I have more than I care to admit after a long military wife experience.) And I loved the Container store back when I was single and actually had some control over my house. Now my Container store purchases would be toy storage…if there was one within 200 miles. Sigh.

  3. On February 6th, 2012 at 1:14 pm Bobbi Says:

    OHHHHHHHH, Bobbi is soooo OCD!!! I am learning to let go, slowly but surely and take a lot of deep breaths. But, with three kids and their exhausting schedules, it is getting easier!! 🙂

    I think I would be banned from that store if we had one. At least, by my family!! That would be my idea of quality alone time!!