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More Pinterest Reviews


I’ve made a few more things from Pinterest recently that I thought I would share my thoughts on because it seems we all see the same recipes floating around.

First, a few cookie recipes. I had my annual MOMS Club cookie exchange over the weekend and wanted to make something different. I’m not a baker – I will readily admit that. But I can read and follow directions so I should be able to replicated a recipe that isn’t horribly complicated. I spent 3 days trying recipes with no success. Two were mediocre and 1 was flat out awful. I ended up taking peanut butter blossoms and still had a freak out heavily laced with the f-bomb on some of my girlfriends after making those. I may not make cookies again. Ever.

These Cran-Pistachio cookies were good but not great. I think they could be pretty darn good but the cranberry needs to be doubled and I think they need some orange zest to cover the packaged sugar cookie flavor. Mine didn’t flatten out so I had to flatten them with the bottom of a glass. But they were simple and pretty so you can’t complain about that.

These rolo cookies sounded amazing. They were average at best. They tasted like something was missing. And they were a huge pain in the ass to make – the batter is sticky and thick and impossible to roll. I finally figured out if I got my cookie scoop out and pressed the rolo into it that it was much easier. But I won’t make these again.

These peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies came my way via a facebook post by Whole Foods. They sounded great. They were horrible. The filling was good but the cookies were so bad I threw them away. I didn’t even finish baking them – I threw them all away after the first batch came out of the oven.

Now for a couple of non-cookie related successes.

These pepperoni rolls are AMAZING. I’ve made them twice and they were a hit both times. They are simple to make – you just have to plan ahead for the bread to defrost/rise. I tend to preheat my oven to warm then open the door to let most of the heat out. Then I put the bread in there to rise. It takes 5 or 6 hours usually. I also add some sliced provolone and capicola (sp?) ham. It isn’t something to make for dinner because it will kill you – but it is great party food.

These roasted mushrooms are yummy. And the broth/sauce is great to dip a nice crusty bread. I added white wine into the mix because it just seemed to call for it. I actually ate these for dinner one night when Steve was gone. Just a big dish of mushrooms and nothing else. And I liked it.


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“More Pinterest Reviews”

  1. On December 19th, 2011 at 9:51 am Alleen Says:

    I just made the cran-pistachio cookies yesterday and thought they were pretty yummy. I did add extra cranberries though.

  2. On December 19th, 2011 at 8:12 pm Priscilla Says:

    I tried the pepperoni bread and it was too doughy and not pepperoni enough. If I let the dough rise longer, do you think I would be able to roll it thinner? Do you put a little sauce in the roll or just on the side?

  3. On December 20th, 2011 at 10:10 am Sonia in MO Says:

    I was looking for a good appetizer/mushroom recipe this week – thanks for posting this! It looks yummy 🙂 The pepperoni rolls look amazing and like something my child may actually eat. (She hates pizza – obviously she doesn’t have my genes 🙂

  4. On December 20th, 2011 at 9:18 pm Adina Says:

    I made Goat Cheese & Herb Mashed Potatoes that I pinned and they were actually really good. The flavor was very understated so it probably could have used a little more Thyme or goat cheese but I was afraid we’d all get sick so I didn’t add anything extra. There was something else I pinned that I made and it was amazing but of course I can’t remember what the hell it was.