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Life is pretty quiet here in middle TN. House showings have come to a screeching halt (from several each week to none in 5 weeks) but that is understandable given the time of year. Everyone wants to settle in and hibernate for the winter.  This fall has been the prettiest one we’ve had since moving here. I’ve really missed the intense colors of the fall leaves up north.  Most years it is dry and hot so the leaves just turn a rusty brown and fall off.  But this year we’ve had the perfect combo of rain and cooler temps that we have some pretty great color. All of these were taken from my front and back porch this morning.

It is Halloween and the girls are out of their minds with excitement over trick or treating tonight. Due to intense pressure from Sabrina, I did a little decorating on the front door and porch. (I couldn’t put up my cool glowing cat eyes because of the house being on the market.)

(Hate candy corn but it makes a cute wreath.)

My dog isn’t even smart enough to shed at the right time of year. He is molting. Hair is everywhere. I vacuumed 4 days ago:

Tessa is getting a little too smart for her own good. I put the markers up on top of this red cabinet yesterday afternoon when the girls were done coloring. This morning after I loaded the dishwasher, I found her seated at the craft table coloring with the marker (Color Wonder thank goodness). She left the evidence of how she obtained them behind:

Because we got both girls a Vtech Innopad (kind of like an iPad for kids) for Christmas, we’ve let Tessa start playing with her big sister’s Mobigo. She loves it and does pretty well at playing the games.

And thus ends the random ramblings for this Monday.

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  1. On November 1st, 2011 at 8:54 am debbie Says:

    I’m so sorry you haven’t had any activity on the house. That sucks.
    Don’t you just love fall color? We are having a beautiful fall too.
    Tessa, such a cutie, is getting so Big!! Hope the girls had fun trick-or-treating last night.

  2. On November 1st, 2011 at 7:55 pm Bobbi Says:

    Oh, the joys of having a house on the market…..waiting for the phone to ring. UGH!!

    OH, dog hair. I could carpet my house in it!! Every day. my motto is “I wanted a pug. I got two one hundred pound golden retrievers!” Good times!!