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Titles are hard


Steve is on vacation most of this week so the girls and I are enjoying some Daddy time.  This morning, Daddy accompanied us on an outing he would normally miss: the Discovery Center.  The girls loved having Daddy there because he is so much fun! And I enjoyed having another set of eyes.  Damn kids can dart around at the speed of light.  Or at least faster than this old broad’s eye can track.  Then lunch out which is Sabrina’s favorite! thing! ever! (No idea why – the child doesn’t eat whether we are at home or out.)

Tessa was so excited about this bird.  She almost lost her mind when it allowed her to touch it. (She is soaked from the water play area.)

Daddy helped Sabrina figure out how to work this backhoe type toy.

Trying to move as fast as a fly.

This one makes me laugh.  It highlights their differences so perfectly.

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“Titles are hard”

  1. On May 5th, 2011 at 6:52 pm Bobbi Says:

    Honestly, I am still in awe of how gorgeous they are!! Sabrina, um, looks a little too grown up!!!

    Having Daddy home is always fun, and a nice breather for mom’s!!