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Aquafina end


I’m sad to say the Aquafina campaign has come to an end.  There will be no box of water arriving on my doorstep today.  This was the most fun PR campaign I’ve participated in.  It was awesome getting shipments (of a product I love!) every single week for 6 weeks.  It was so fun to hand out the coupons.  And it was great to try all of the flavors – I tend to find one I like and stick to it.

The final flavor was Peach Mango.  I have to admit that once again I wasn’t looking forward to it.  I like fresh peaches but I don’t like peach flavoring.  But I really liked the water.  It wasn’t overpowering and the flavor was nice.

My personal ranking of flavors:

1. Lemon

2. Strawberry Kiwi

3. Grape

3. Peach Mango (tie for 3rd)

5. Mixed Berry

6. Raspberry

And I found my personal preference for drinking the water was to not refrigerate it.  I prefer a lighter flavor than I got straight out of the bottle so I poured it warm over ice and it diluted a little bit and was perfect.  But most folks I talked to like to cold and straight out of the bottle – so however you like it, drink up!

I do have 2 suggestions for the Aquafina FlavorSplash folks.  First, give us an orange flavor.  Also consider apple.  I had apple from another brand once (never to find it again) and it remains my all time favorite flavored water.  It is like my Moby Dick of flavored waters – ever elusive.  Second, see what you can do about finding a natural way to sweeten your waters.  I don’t like my children to have artificial sweeteners so I didn’t let them drink any of the waters even though I know they would have liked them.  But I have to admit that I like the fake stuff because it keeps it calorie free for me.  So maybe just leave it alone.

Now for the winners I said I would announce last week (no wonder I don’t do giveaways – I kind of suck at them).  Since I am a week late, I figured I would just give away the rest of my coupons instead of doing another giveaway this week.  So the winners are: Julie P, Michele P, Alleen, and Pattie.  (Chosen randomly out of a bowl by my daughter.)  I’ve emailed you all – just send me your snail mail addresses and I’ll send you your coupon for a free 6 pack of Aquafina FlavorSplash.  Enjoy!

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Aquafina FlavorSplash and have received various FlavorSplash samples to facilitate my participation. Mom Central will send me a gift card at the end of the program.  My opinions are my own.

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