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Sabrina is getting ready to take off. She stood up in the middle of the room today and took 7 steps without any coaxing from me. She is so darn cute! Dare I say even cuter than kittens.




Okay, now I turn to the internet for some wisdom. Debra would like to know 2 things and I can’t necessarily answer either intelligently.

First, what is the different between clothing sizes 24M and 2T? Good question, we aren’t there yet and I don’t know. Anyone else?

Second, when filling out paperwork, if Latino isn’t an option, do you check Hispanic? I find this question quite anxiety provoking myself. I’m not sure what the right box is for our little Guatemalan beauties. I believe I’ve been told that neither Latino nor Hispanic is accurate – but I can’t verify the accuracy of these comments. So what is the “right” box? I thought I would check Native American for Sabrina because she is Mayan (and Native Central American) but many forms I’ve seen lately have specified Native North American. So what is most accurate, oh wise internet?

Lastly, I just thought I would give a shout out to my sister who happens to be one of the least computer savvy people I’ve ever encountered. She is actually chatting with me on yahoo IM right now! I was shocked today when she said she wanted to download it. Way to go sis!

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“Bits & Pieces”

  1. On November 20th, 2007 at 8:51 pm laura Says:

    I was told that the difference between 24Months and 2T is the length. This was told to me by a staff member at Babies R Us as I was wondering the same thing. I personally have not noticed that much of a difference……to me the sizes vary drastically by where you buy them, not so much the actual size. Hope that helps!!

  2. On November 20th, 2007 at 9:08 pm jane Says:

    24 mos has that all important snap crotch – 2T does not! 24 mos is usually “fuller” in the seat for diapers, too. That’s all I’ve got. Looking forward to reading more comments on the ethnicity question though.

  3. On November 20th, 2007 at 9:17 pm Mama K Says:

    I’ve heard the more room for diapers thing in infant sizes which includes 24mo. But the 2ts do seem longer to me. Really, the sizes vary so much anyway that I don’t think it matters much. If 2t is available, I always go for that over the 24mo.

  4. On November 20th, 2007 at 9:22 pm Bobbi Says:

    Having been down the 24m vs. 2T road a couple times I got this one! ;>) 2T is a slimmer fit, and leaves less room for diapers. I also found them to be less full in the legs. My kids never fit well into 24M. They were both kinda slim, so the 24M were loose and baggy.

    Ok, what box to check. I hate that one. I truly consider checking the other box and putting a big fat ?? I am so confused on that too. People ask, “what is he” (I usually respond with, “a boy”–I’m kind of a B that way). I’m like, well you know it’s like this………..But, to the point I would also check hispanic. We asked our social worker, and she couldn’t answer it for us either. I too am interested in what others will have to say.

    Way to go Sabrina! You are moving now. I love, love, love, that first picture of her, though the one on her head is pretty cute too!

  5. On November 20th, 2007 at 9:29 pm Deb Says:

    2t pants are defintely longer than 24 months- shirts seem the same and I have found 2T shirts with the snaps in the crotch. 2T is bigger in the waist, which is bad for slinder kids.

    Ethnicity- the US gfoverment forms (which most regulated instituations follow) will have races listed (caucasian, african, native indian/pacific islander (very broad catagory), east indian, etc) and then will have a hispanci/latino or non hispanic/non latino check box (I design these forms regualrly). You can check any combination in race and only one under hispanic origin (for lack of a better word), so you could check native american/caucasian in Race and then hispanic/latino in the other catagory.
    Your designation will be what follows your child until they self report at 18.

    So for example: I know that Little Bug does not have Maya in his background from what his birth mtoher put on the referral documents- but she checked Ladino (which is term used in Guatemala for Latino- as I understand it). So I have reported Little Bug as caucasian with hispanic descent. I have friend whose child is from the Mayan highlands- she reported her daughter as native american with hispanic descent.

    Only DNA testing will tell for sure the geneic makeup of yoru child, so I would report what you are comfortable with.

    And if push comes to shove and you are told you can only report one race- I would choose the one that Little Bug will be associated with- which may or may not be right, but society will judge him on his skin tone and his features.
    Love to you,
    Deb AKA Momma Bug

  6. On November 20th, 2007 at 10:19 pm Kim Says:

    Yes, Sabrina is cuter than kittens. 🙂

  7. On November 20th, 2007 at 10:47 pm Ashley Says:

    OH the 24 months 2T thing… I agree with all of the above… BUT did you know that Children’s Place does not have the option of 2T… it is 24 months OR 3T… OH and it continues… do I get 4T or just plain 4??? The 4T comes in the toddler section and the 4 comes in the big boys section… they do it to drive us crazy.

    And race… I planned on marking Native American… but I may just do other… if that is an option.

  8. On November 20th, 2007 at 11:38 pm Kerry Collins Says:

    Now I’m just totally confused about the which box to check. I think I have checked hispanic in the past when the choices are just caucasion/african american/pacific islander/hispanic/american indian/other. Now I think I’m wrong. Hispanic just means “spanish speaking.” I think on the simple ones maybe we should just check other. I don’t recall ever seeing one as detailed as what Deb was referring to. I guess if there was just an “Indian” category, I would probably check that because Cameron is Mayan. I dunno…ya got me wondering now.

    On the size thing, I must be stupid because I thought the natural progression was 24 mos then 2T. I didn’t know they were so close, but it what has been said already makes sense to me. As they get further along in their twos, they’re more active and thin out a lot. Cameron has just gone into 24 months except for separates at Children’s place (still in 18 mo in those) and they fit him really well. He’s pretty tall and skinny so maybe I’ll throw a 2T in his wardrobe now and see what happens!

    Good questions…but now my brain hurts.

  9. On November 20th, 2007 at 11:45 pm Samantha Says:

    usually there is an “optional” comment after a request for ethnicity on most things i’ve seen so far. i just skip it…

  10. On November 20th, 2007 at 11:58 pm Tera Says:

    Hi Michelle…love that first pic of Sabrina…she truly IS becoming more and more beautiful…truly.

    About which box to check… If given a choice, I choose Latino over Hispanic. Hispanic is more generic by definition, I think as it is often used to describe both Latino and Spanish peoples. To me, the definition of Latino (a native of Latin America…specifically) is more narrow than the definition of Hispanic. And, I am not very sure at all if Emma is at least partly Mayan by ethnicity…even if I knew for sure that Emma was at least partly Mayan by ethnicity, isn’t she still from Latin America? Definitely thought provoking…I look forward to reading other people’s answers. I have checked “other” before when Latino was not given as an option…

    God bless.

  11. On November 21st, 2007 at 6:23 am sig Says:

    I check Hispanic.
    The thing is, in the interview with Bmom, she claimed that her family came from Spain and Bfathers family originated in Mexico. I knew there was no Mayan, but this was quite interesting to me. She even said the BF went back to Mexico. (She even gave me names of her 9 sisters and brothers and most of her and his family too!)
    Is it true? I have no idea, but Hispanic works for me!

  12. On November 21st, 2007 at 7:42 am Steph Says:

    I check Hispanic. Her bmom’s surnames (and the grandparents’) were Hispanic so I’m rolling with it. 🙂

    And on the 24m/2t thing – I’ve always done it as an “age” thing. My bio kids always seemed to follow the size/age thing pretty well until they got to about 4t – then they’re on their own pace. But think from the time they are 18-24 months they will wear a 24m. Then when they are 2, they will wear a 2t (presumably until they are 3 when they’ll hit a 3t).

    This theory just went out the window for us with Amelia though b/c she is wearing 2t’s (they’re not tight or anything) at 20 months. She has some 24 months pajamas, but only b/c I like those to be a bit tighter.

    And Sabrina looks so stinkin’ cute – I agree she is way better than the kitties. Love kitties, but Sabrina is a slam dunk! 😉

  13. On November 21st, 2007 at 9:01 am Tricia Says:

    Sabrina is as precious as the first day I laid eyes on her!!!
    Always a BEAUTY!

    Happy Turkey Day, Steve & Michelle! We are grateful to have shared our adoption journey with you guys!

    Thanks for posting the “box checking” question – I detest this question and detest having to make the decision for Sofia…..

    As you know, Sofia is mega-Mayan (ha!) and I actually have refused to check a box just to be difficult! 🙂

    Hugs to Miss S!

  14. On November 21st, 2007 at 10:13 am Debra Says:

    Wow I am so glad to know that I am not alone in the brain hurting dept! Michelle thanks for posting the questions. I knew this was the best forum for some real answers and opinions.

    Happy Turkey day to your family! Can’t wait to see new pics of Miss Sabrina.

  15. On November 21st, 2007 at 11:51 am Ellie Says:

    24 vs 2T – Has all to do with Booty room!

    as for which box… When all else fails… Mark the OTHER BOX…

    I have a friend that left Guatemala when she was 16 years old, and I asked her what she marks when they want to catigorize her ethnic background… She indicated that NONE of the selections refer to Mayan/Guat – so she was instructed to mark OTHER – not Caus.

    Hope that helps!

  16. On November 21st, 2007 at 12:27 pm Trace Says:

    Of course cuter than kittens.

  17. On November 22nd, 2007 at 12:16 am Cheryl Says:

    Ok, so granted Alice has only been home since May, but WHAT are all these forms you guys are filling out? We haven’t filled out anything, and now I am worried about the boxes and the fact that I must have missed a whole fleet of boats!!!

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