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It is a done deal


We took an oath and everything.  Some how the embassy was rather anti-climatic after all we’ve been through in this process.  We were inside for less than an hour.  They asked us when we first met her and if we were happy with our agency.  They took our money and said congrats.  Her visa will be ready for pick up on Monday afternoon.

Steve arrived last night – SO SO SO glad to see him.  He has been doing the lion’s share of caring for Sabrina since his arrival.  She woke up around 10:30pm and he of course didn’t want to put her right back to bed since he hadn’t seen her.  The result?  She was up until after midnight.  We all got up around 5am (ugghh), had breakfast, and left for the embassy around 7am.  We are now back in Antigua.  I got a belated Mother’s Day gift at one of the jade shops.

We are very excited that we can officially call this process done.  It has been a long, strange trip.  We both are thankful that it is over and Sabrina is offically ours.  A few pictures from this morning after we returned from the Embassy – introducing Sabrina Kelly Xxxxxxxxx.


I have to say this girl charms everyone she comes into contact with.  Half of the embassy staff and quite a few of those waiting were talking about how beautiful she was and how sweet she was.   She was grinning and flirting and laughing at everyone who looked her way.  Our agency reps said that everyone in Antigua knows the beautiful Sabrina.  I don’t think that is even close to true but I do have to agree that she is quite the charmer.





Just to prove that she isn’t always happy (I usually just post the smiley photos) – she was cranky this morning from lack of sleep (and frankly so was mommy).

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