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Insomnia, my old friend


Have I mentioned I am going home in a week?  As the reality (read joy) of this has hit me, my brain has begun plugging back into the real world.  My thoughts are filled with all of the places I want to eat things I want to do, things I need to do, people I want Sabrina to meet and obligations once we return to the states.  The result?  I’m awake at 1:48am knowing I have a wake up call around 7:00am with no snooze button to save me.  While living in Guatemala has had its difficult aspects, life is simpler here.  No whirling thoughts keeping me up at night because basically as long there is water in the house the rest falls into place.  I’ve basically ignored the existance of the world beyond the cobblestones.  I haven’t kept up with the news (is the war still on?).  I haven’t worried about things happening at home because they have been out of my control.  I’ve certainly given passing thought to different things I want to do when I go home but it has all seemed rather hypothetical up until now.  Oh well, if a few nights of lost sleep is the price I pay for returning home, so be it.  Other joyous news:  Steve will be here in 2 days!!!

Okay, a couple of photos for those of you feeling photo deprived.





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