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So sad


First, sorry to anyone who sent email to the secret blog pal address…I haven’t checked in since I arrived in Guatemala.  Thought I would check it today since SBPs was on my mind.  I was so sad to find quite a few email from people who weren’t having good SBP experiences.  I can only organize – I can’t take responsibility for how people conduct themselves but I still feel badly.  Some people are just trying to get an email acknowledgment that the gift they sent was received but are being ignored.  Others haven’t received anything at all from their blog pal.  They signed up for a fun surprise and received nothing in return.

This is supposed to be a fun experience where we support each other.  Instead people are signing up and not playing by the rules.  I’m disappointed to find that is the case.  SBPs has grown beyond the people I “know” in the blog world so I don’t know much about those who signed on and then didn’t participate.  I’m not sure how to proceed…I don’t want to host something that is a disappointment to others.  I hope those who had good matches enjoyed this round.  I’m not sure how to proceed with the next round to ensure participation…suggestions are welcome.

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