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Howdy all…there is a little thing we like to do around here called Secret Blog Pals? And I said that last round would end the weekend of Mother’s Day? Then I forgot to officially call an end to it and do The Big Reveal? Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t include myself in this round so I tended to forget about it a little until I saw someone post a gift. BUT my smart self did remember to bring my list of matches (yes they are on paper not in some slick spreadsheet) so that I could do the big reveal while in Guatemala. So here goes (if you don’t know who the person is, please email or leave a comment and I’ll see if I can dig up a blog or email address for you):

Ginger –> Shelby

Shelby –> Ashley Mc

Ashley Mc –> Farrah

Farrah –> Kim H

Kim H –> Dottie

Dottie –> Caryn M

Carny M –> Julie P

Julie P –> Lori W

Lori W –> Tiffany

Tiffany –> Stacy B

Stacy B –> Emily

Emily –> Jane

Jane –> Debra G

Debra G –> Deb C

Deb C –> Eleanor

Eleanor –> Corey

Corey –> Shawna

Shawna –> Carrie B

Carrie B –> Carla

Carla –> Art Sweet

Art Sweet –> Amanda

Amanda –> Dana

Dana –> Beth

Beth –> Shannon H

Shannon H –> Sara

Sara –> Shannon Mc

Shannon Mc –> Nicole

Nicole –> Jennifer F

Jennifer F –> Lori T

Lori T –> Jill

Jill –> Chou

Chou –> Tracy

Tracy –> Alleen

Alleen –> Ashley J

Ashley J –> Merrill

Merrill –> Andrea

Andrea –> Leigh

Leigh –> Diana

Diana –> Ginger

Okay, if any of that doesn’t look right, give me a yell. As always, any mistakes are my own. Due to living in Guatemala, going back to PA to pack up my house and then moving to TN, there will be a slight break between rounds. But hey, we all get busy during the summer anyway, right? Hope you all had fun this round and we will do this again in the not too distant future! I’m thinking after the 4th of July we’ll set up the next round – any objections?

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