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Last night was the first night Sabrina has slept through the whole night in awhile.  So I’m happily enjoying my sleep…when my doorbell starts ringing insistently.  I ignore it thinking there is no one that I want to see enough to open my door.  Then out of curiousity, I crack open my eye and look at the clock.  It is 6:27am.  Which makes me wonder why anyone would ring my bell…which starts my brain whirling a little.  I suddenly realize it is Tuesday and we were supposed to leave for Guatemala City at 5:30 am for Sabrina’s embassy physical.  CRAP!

I run to the door, apologize profusely to the driver, see I have 13 missed calls from my agency rep and run back in the house.  I throw on pants, snatch a bewildered Sabrina out of bed, dress her, and we are off.  The car seat straps are being held onto the car seat cover by safety pins and aren’t threaded through the actual seat at all – lovely.  I realize 1/2 was to GC that while I did think to put water and formula in the diaper bag, I didn’t think to include a bottle.  Sabrina is not pleased by this fact.  I am sitting in the car, fighting car sickness (no time for dramamine this morning), and imagining we are going to be late to the appointment which will result in them telling us “sorry, too late, everything will have to be rescheduled so you won’t be going home in 2 weeks after all”.

We arrive right on time only to discover the doctor isn’t in yet – he arrives an hour late.  I explain to the driver that I forgot a bottle and ask if he would mind going to buy one.  He agrees and returns with 2 bottles of water.  At least I know that I had the right word for bottle.  I explain again – this time inserting the word baby in front of bottle and he returns with a bottle.  Sabrina is much happier.  We sit in a room with many foster moms and babies.  I feel gross – I didn’t even brush my teeth.  Finally, we see the doctor for about 4 minutes.

Back home by 10:38am – both feeling a bit dazed.   I didn’t forget that Sabrina was supposed to see the embassy doctor on Tuesday, I just forgot that today was Tuesday.  All that is left now is our embassy appointment on June 1st.

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