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Embarrassing personal disclosure


Isn’t that what my blog is for?  Maybe I wasn’t ready to return to work today.  Steve tried to talk me into staying home because my temp was down but not quite gone.  But I insisted I felt fine so I went to work.  About 2 hours after I got there, I realized I forgot to put on a bra this morning.  I’m not well endowed and was wearing a baggy sweater so no one else noticed I am sure but I got very self-concious when I realized this oversight.  I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten it before – even in my younger days of staying out until all hours and going to work the next morning still a little drunk.  Weird.

I’ll follow that up with the nobody-cares-but-it-is-my-blog-so-I’ll-tell-you-anyway news.  You know those stupid cards all grocery stores force you to sign up for in order to receive the best prices?  Well our grocery store ties it to money off of gas.  I hadn’t cashed the points in in awhile so today I filled up my tank for $0.33 a gallon!  WOOHOO! A tank of gas for $5 – doesn’t get much better than that in my world.  Heh.

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