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My baby is growing up


I’m home today to finish my recuperation from whatever evil bug Steve gave me. My fever is down but not gone (when I said I didn’t have one yesterday, I was delirious) and I’m not quite as achy and cranky.  I’m actually hungry right now so that is a good sign.

It’s snowing today.  Angus loves the snow almost as much as he loves playing ball.  I took a couple of quick photos of him this morning playing in the snow.  They aren’t great because I was in my bathrobe and didn’t want to leave the porch.  So for lack of anything more interesting to blog about (do you really want to hear more about my flu symptoms or our second try at nursery painting?), I give you my baby then and now.

angusinsnowsmaller.jpg   Winter of 2004

dsc01444.JPG Today.

In other news, I’ve added a few links to my blogroll.  I’ve been lazy and only updating my bloglines feed lately.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten some people but I’m feverish so give me a break.  Also, I’ve been seeing some great SBP gifts posted.  You guys give great gifts!  You saw my great SBP gift a few posts ago.  The woman who has the site the gifts were sent from has the same name as someone involved in our exchange so I thought I knew who my SBP was.  Nope.  Not the same person.  Please don’t point out that I do the matches and therefore should know who my pal is.  For some reason, matching everyone up gets me frazzled and I end up forgetting who my pal is the moment after I send out the emails.  Also, my SBP just emailed me – no she doesn’t have a taggie blanket yet – I keep meaning to order one but haven’t done it.

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