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Memo and More Random Ramblings


** Memo to Throat-Clearer-Guy:
First off, thank you so much for choosing to sit next to me.  Secondly, I know you were trying to be less gross by only putting a medium amount of effort into your throat clearing through out our 90 minute meeting.  But there is a point at which, I would rather you just do one big loud phlegmy disgusting throat clear than listen to the constant non-effective still somewhat gross throat clearing.  Just commit, do it, and get it over with.  Or better yet?  Get up, excuse yourself, walk across the hall to the men’s room and take care of your throat issues. 
Seriously people – if you are sick?  Stay home.  I don’t want your germs.
Thank you,
The Enchanted Girl Next to You

**A woman approached me at a meeting this morning.  She wanted to say she was sorry to hear about my dad.  She has lost both of her parents and said she understands how it changes your place in the world when you lose a parent.  She referenced a scene from Grey’s Anatomy last week – when Christina was talking to George about the club.  The woman said that resonated with her because it is truly something you can’t fathom until it happens.  I had trouble accepting some of the condolences offered early on – they just made me cry.  But I really appreciate what this woman had to say this morning.  She didn’t try to rush through it because it was an awkward topic.  She wasn’t uncomfortable about it.  It was a nice, short, heart-felt conversation.  I felt comforted and understood.  That’s a rare thing.    

*  Last night as I was leaving work, it was snowing that perfect snow – big fat fluffy flakes.  It was snowing pretty hard but not sticking much because it was just barely cold enough for snow.  I stood in the middle of our parking lot looking up at the wonderful flakes falling.  They were sticking to my eyelashes and hair.  It was beautiful.  I even had the “A Few of my Favorite Things” going through my head – I had a real moment going.  Then a moron in a Hyundai almost ran me over.  Or maybe I was the moron for standing in the middle of the parking lot to watch the snow.  Regardless, it ruined my moment. 

*  Three weeks from yesterday I will be back in Guatemala.  I will have Sabrina in my arms in 3 weeks.  The next thought that immediately follows that is in 3 weeks and 4 days I will have to leave her again for 3 months but let’s not go there today.  I will be enjoying black bean paste, fruit, and heavenly coffee for breakfast while I enjoy my daughter’s and my mother’s company.

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