Michelle Smiles

Teaching my children to question authority, except mine.

Mission accomplished


Consider our dossier certified.

I got an antibiotic from the dentist so hopefully I won’t be talking like a stroke victim by the time we hit the ocean. The pain is a little better today too.

We are leaving on vacation tomorrow. Renting a big house on the beach with a pool, hot tub, pool table, and many other ammenities. Jealous? Well before you get too jealous, keep in mind that we will be sharing this beautiful house with 9 children (3 of them under 9 months old, the rest under 7) and 12 adults. So it will be fun but it won’t be quiet.

Talk amongst yourselves. Go back and read early posts about how to pass time waiting during adoption or the adoption readiness quiz if you need something to do. See you all in a week!

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