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Certification Baby!


Today I am off to Harrisburg to have our dossier documents certified. (8 hours round trip…I guess that is my punishment for the 6 day turn around time on my 171H so I will refrain from complaint.) When I return, I will fed’ex it all off to a courier to be authenticated while we are on vacation. The courier will send it directly to the agency rep who triple checks our documents. Before I leave, I will also be sending the non-authenticated items for our dossier (the pictures of us, pictures of the house, copy of 171H, etc) off to the agency rep and a check to the agency. My hope is that by July 5th or 6th, we will officially be on the list waiting for a referral. Woohoo!

On a less exciting note, I’m becoming more concerned about this dental issue of mine. I’m still in pain and today 1/2 of my face is puffed up. I’m calling the dentist – of course I will be in Harrisburg so there isn’t much he can do but if he thinks I have an infection he can call in an antibiotic (and some pain killers please).

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