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Bauble head mania


I had a good weekend. There was no adoption talk and no coherent thought (it’s always on my mind in some form) of paperwork. I started my little personal crusade (previous post – I’ve added 3 additional stores – thanks for the suggestions!). [Despite the adoption break, I am so tired today that I am seeing small animals frolicking in the corners of my cubicle.]

Saturday evening, friends invited us to join them in a luxury suite at the ball park for a baseball game. Let me tell you, that’s the way to see a game. No rubbing elbows with the riff-raff – you enter through the suite doors and are whisked up by an elevator to a nice quiet marble hallway. No lines, no wait, no hassle. Your suite is air conditioned, filled with hotdogs, chips and salsa, and beer. Your cushioned seats outside are in the shade. The bathroom? Large and all yours. A little freezer stocked with lots and lots of ice. It was heaven. I don’t remember who won the game but the dessert cart they brought around in the 5th inning was amazing.

Sunday, I made the trip home to Ohio. My sister and I threw a little cook-out for Dad. We both have a lot of trouble buying him gifts. He is horrible to shop for. I looked around, browsed, read reviews, and ended up buying an audio book that I thought he would enjoy. I drive 2 hours and arrive at Dad’s house with gift, card, and the free bauble head they were giving away at the game on Saturday night. I present him with the gift and card. Not being a particularly demonstrative man, he makes small thank you noises. Explaining that last night was bauble head night at the stadium, I offer the bauble head, honestly anticipating that he will scoff at it and suggest I give it to my nephew. What do I hear? “Wow, thank you! All right, this is really neat!” What does he open up to look at? The free bauble head. What does he thank me for as I am leaving? The free bauble head. What will he tell his friends that he received for father’s day? The free bauble head. Next year? I’m buying him silly string and fake dog poo since the novelty items seem to enchant him so thoroughly.

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