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Rebel Rouser from Way Back – UPDATED


I’m starting my own little personal crusade around this baby registry thing*. Is it of earth shattering importance? Nope, not even close. But it bugs me. And I am about to give up all control over this adoption process when I submit my dossier so I need something to entertain me. I’ve decided scrapbooking isn’t for me so I’ll harrass stores into accommodating the adoptive parents.

I’ve identified Target and Babies R Us so far. Are there other national chains that people regularly register with? If so, please leave it in the comments section and I will track down a way to send them email and post it. If you feel this is something that should be changed, please submit your own email to the following:

guest.relations@target.com (Email address for Target)


(website for Babies R Us – mark the comment/suggestion field and the BRU field then make your comments)

*Read a couple of the previous posts if you don’t understand what the ‘thing’ is. Basically registries don’t acknowledge that women who are adopting and not pregnant might want to register at a store. They force you to put in a due date rather than allowing us to have a couple of fields noting birth date and expected age at homecoming.

**I’ve been told that Pottery Barn Kids actually does have a field for adoptive parents. Kudos to them! (If they weren’t so freaking expensive, I would give them all of my business just for that alone.)

Lori from AB reminded me of 2 more stores: Baby Depot (division of Burlington Coat Factory) and Wally World. I tracked them down and wrote an email to each of them. Here is the contact info for each of them:


Stephanie brought the store Buy Buy Baby to my attention. I’ve not heard of it but it is a chain in her area. That email address is:

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