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I love this blogging thing. It’s like having my own personal cheering section. On message boards? I have to share the love and give some love to everyone else. Here? It’s all about me! Hehe…Seriously, thanks for all of you cheering me on.

Now for status update – my mental health has returned to its previous level for the most part (you notice I didn’t use the word normal in there). I’m feeling much better today. Yesterday in the midst of all of the emotional crap, we did have one bright spot. Steve’s birth certificate returned from the secretary of state in California. But now? I have to send it back to CA to the Los Angeles Consulate for authentication. I’m going to do some research tonight to see if I can find a courier to walk to through for me because I’m afraid it will be weeks before I see it again if I do it the traditional way. I really hate to pay extra for a courier but as long as it isn’t too expensive, I’m willing to do it so we can get the show on the road. I also need to send mine off to the consulate in IL.

Our doctors’ office? Hates us. The front office staff has never been anything close to friendly but now? They are positively icy. Steve dropped off 2 copies of each letter and asked that the doctors sign 2 for each of us hoping that one would be acceptable. The result? Pissed off doctors who would only sign one letter. They signed with squiggles because they were annoyed and declared they would charge us for any further signatures. That was helpful, thanks doc. We will try again tomorrow but if I am paying for this “service” they damn well better sign like a 3rd grader just learning to form the letters.

As for Target? It’s become a thing with me. I responded the email I received and urged them to allow adoptive parents to be included on the baby registry not on some wish list registry. I haven’t heard back. If you would like to be heard on the issue, the email address is: guest.relations@target.com

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