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Thanks for the support…and a couple of other things


Thanks ladies for the support over my melt-down. I really am working with one of the best agencies out there. I just feel like they have an impossible standard for paperwork. Others have managed to make it through so I guess we will too. Thankfully, Steve was calm during my meltdown. He already took the letters to the doctors office for new signatures. And as I calmed down, he got angrier – we compliment each other well that way – only one of us melts down at a time. My case worker called and talked to me in soothing tones. I feel bad that she got the bulk of my frustration. I sat in my cubicle and cried on and off all day. I’m still not sure where we are going from here, but regardless, we will adopt a child. I’m feeling a little emotionally fragile (almost like grief) which is weird because I am normally a very strong person. I worked in a domestic violence shelter and D&A halfway house for years. Never batted an eye when facing down an abuser in court. Didn’t think twice about going toe to toe with a pissed off addict in withdrawal. But paperwork for this adoption? Apparently that is my achilles heel.

Okay, here is a neat column in US@ Today It made me smile. As did DD’s comment on my last post – thanks for the support from under the bed.

And after posting my irritation that stores don’t make provisions for adopting parents, I tracked down an email address for T@rget. I sent them an email suggesting that perhaps they could make some adjustments to their Baby Registry. I was very nice and simply suggested that it would be appreciated by those adopting if we could enter that information. Today I got this response:

Thanks for sharing your comments about the Target Gift Registry

Right now we are working on changes that would allow you to register
for special events other than weddings and new arrivals. In the
meantime, I'm sorry for your disappointment.

Another great option is to use the Target.com Wish List program. Just
go to www.target.com and click on Wish ListĀ at the top of the
screen. Then just follow the steps to create and share a list of great
Target.com products.

Our Gift Registry programs are all about making it easier and more fun
for our guests to shop with us, and I really appreciate your comments.
We'll keep them in mind as we look at how to make our registries even
more useful.

Thanks for shopping with us. We'll see you again soon at Target.

Not overly impressed by the response. Why should we have to be separated from the fertiles (I say that tongue-in-cheek for all of my fertile friends – I love you all!)? Why can’t they simply accommodate us on the baby registry?

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