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Caution! Contents may be boring!


I apologize but we are about to embark on a really dull week blog-wise. With Steve out of town, I’m trying to let him see what the girls are up to while he is gone.  This will lead to most of you falling asleep and drooling on your keyboards out of boredom. I am not liable for any damage done by said drool.  Consider this like the coffee cups that say “Caution! Contents may be hot!”  We say to ourselves “duh” then take a sip anyway and  burn our tongues.  Or at a Mexican restaurant when they tell you the plate is very hot and not to touch it but we immediately touch it and hiss as we pull our fingers away and exclaim “son of a bison! that’s hot!”  You’ve been warned.

Sabrina, ever the ham.  She started throwing out poses that made me wonder if she is sneaking downstairs at night to watch America’s Next Top Model.  I was waiting for her to tell me “Tyra said to smile with my eyes.”  I have about 8 more photos with silly poses and faces from her. But this first one is pure gorgeous.

Tessa, of course, did not wish to cooperate.

So Sabrina offered another smile.

On a different note, I was happy to see the flowers bloomed for mother’s day. It is fun watching things come up this spring since most of it was done by the time we moved in last October.

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Happy Human Kleenex Day!


I joke (and sometime I’m not joking) about the trials of being a mom but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’m blessed to have an amazing husband and wonderful children.  I love being fortunate enough to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom. I share this day with Sabrina’s birthmom in my heart.  I am so thankful to her for allowing me the privilege of raising our beautiful ray of sunshine.  I hope that someday she can meet our amazing girl again.  And Tessa? I have no words for that child.  She is just hilarious and makes me melt with her huge hugs.

I woke up this morning to find a sign written by Sabrina.

I received my gift about a month ago.  It is in the running for the best gift ever.

As always, Steve ordered my favorite cake.  Brusters coffee ripple ice cream cake.  Yum.  It turned out to be the ugliest mothers day cake I’ve ever seen.  I’m wondering if they are allowing small children to do the decorating at the local store?  But who cares? It tastes amazing.

Steve was here for part of the morning and then had to leave.  He is on a plane this very moment heading to California to meet and train for his new job.  The looming week of single-mom-hood is what prompted me to laugh at the card at the top of the post.  But y’all know I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

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And it begins…


First box of this move (6th of our almost 7 year marriage for anyone keeping track) (why yes, I am keeping track) has been packed.

And we might have a gaming problem.  Both of these boxes (children included to show scale) are filled with board games.  Also, the black mark across Tessa’s cheek is permanent marker.  It is going to be a long move when 20 minutes into packing I have a child running around with an uncapped permanent marker.

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Titles are hard


Steve is on vacation most of this week so the girls and I are enjoying some Daddy time.  This morning, Daddy accompanied us on an outing he would normally miss: the Discovery Center.  The girls loved having Daddy there because he is so much fun! And I enjoyed having another set of eyes.  Damn kids can dart around at the speed of light.  Or at least faster than this old broad’s eye can track.  Then lunch out which is Sabrina’s favorite! thing! ever! (No idea why – the child doesn’t eat whether we are at home or out.)

Tessa was so excited about this bird.  She almost lost her mind when it allowed her to touch it. (She is soaked from the water play area.)

Daddy helped Sabrina figure out how to work this backhoe type toy.

Trying to move as fast as a fly.

This one makes me laugh.  It highlights their differences so perfectly.

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Memo #579b


Dear Retailer:

I appreciate the email notification of your sales.  Really I do. I love a good bargain and rarely make it to brick and mortar stores that don’t sell diapers and/or milk.  Without your emails, I would never think to browse for clothing or accessories for anyone other than my children.  Sorry about that not buying thing…nothing personal, I’m just that my children steal all of my money at a frugal point in my life.

I’m not writing to complain about your less than stellar sales in the past.  Hey, times are tough all around.  (But for future reference, please don’t use the word clearance for less than 50% off.)  I’m writing to check that you understand the definition of the word everything.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it means “all that exists”.  Don’t believe me, here let me google that for you:  click here.   So when the headline of your email reads “40% off absolutely EVERYTHING” and the huge text in your ad says “40% off absolutely EVERYTHING” you can understand my confusion at the asterisk and fine print.  If you don’t want to put everything on sale, perhaps don’t use the word everything?

Or maybe the confusion is absolutely and you meant almost?


Perplexed customer who probably wouldn’t buy anything anyway so feel free to ignore my advice

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Getting better


I’m still not what you would call excited about this move but with every day at that passes, I accept it a little more.  I’m working on my happy face so that I can sell it to the girls as The! Best! Thing! Ever!  Essentially, I am sick of myself so I’m trying to get over it.  Steve and I have dealt with so many crazy things in our marriage that this will be another thing we tell and laugh about later on.  On to other news because as I said, I’m sick of myself being mopey.

We went to our favorite festival yesterday.  It was fun but apparently EVERYONE in a 60 mile radius decided to come.  There were so many people it was tough to walk around and look in the booths.  It was a gorgeous day so I guess everyone wanted to enjoy it.  We don’t have many festivals in this area so I only get fair food once a year.  I made a bad choice this year on a pretty awful $9 gyro (the prices weren’t listed – I should have asked).   The girls had fresh lemonade and loved it.  A few photos from our day.

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