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Another Guatemama doing good stuff


I love hearing about all of the families who adopted from Guatemala and are now working to give back!  It is so wonderful and inspiring to see people keeping Guatemala front and center in their hearts and actions.

I’ve been contacted by a new organization: Across All Borders.  They are wrapping up a cook book salethis week – proceeds go toward a mission trip to Guatemala.  Go visit their site, check out their mission, and buy yourself a cookbook full of yummy recipes – including some traditional Guatemala dishes. You have until Friday to order your book so visit today!

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Go see


It looks like Tricia is giving away one of the shirts from Pilarina’s Boutique.  Go check it out if you are interested!

Christmas in June


Our favorite blogland red head is at it again. Tricia has become involved with a special orphanage in Guatemala. Special because it houses children who are not up for adoption. They will live in the orphanage until age 16 and then be transitioned out.

And our Tricia is the ultimate party planner – both professionally and personally. She is planning ahead to give these kids a happy Christmas so they aren’t forgotten come December. Tricia is even headed down to help throw the party in December. And being Tricia, she would never solicit something for nothing. She is offering chances to win gift cards and items worth $280 to those who are able to donate to the cause.

Go visit Tricia here (soak up some Sofia and Victoria cuteness while you are there) to find out more. Help her ensure a fabulous holiday season for these kiddos.

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Technical Jargon


I don’t want to go into a long, boring technical post about why Michelle’s history is AWOL, so I’ll just leave it at this. I forgot to grab her post data before I shut down the servers on Sunday, so when we bring those down to Nashville next weekend, I’ll transfer that old data to the new server and everything will be happy again.

Hubby done screwed up.

– The Man Behind the Curtain

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