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Hold the guacamole


I decided to try and give Tessa some pureed avocado.  She’s still hanging out in the bottom of the growth chart – up to 14lbs as of 3/18.   Avocado is full of healthy fats and calories.

She wasn’t a fan. And for some reason this made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face.

Hold the guacamole from Michelle Smiles on Vimeo.

And someone asked in the comments last month how I liked my Flip video camera. I’m a big fan – this was filmed with it. It is really easy to use (although I can’t figure out how to get videos straight from it to work on my blog…but that might be my own deficit not the camera’s) and small enough to carry everywhere.

We may skip crawling


dsc09399Tessa doesn’t seem inclined to crawl.  She only goes backwards when she tries and it really pisses her off when she ends up under the coffee table instead of capturing the ball she was wanting to crawl toward.  She gets around (albeit slowly) by scooting.  She sits on her butt and bounces.  With each bounce, she uses her feet to pull herself forward.

Today, she and Sabrina were playing on the floor.  Sabrina, being the typical bossy big sister, likes to take away Tessa’s toys and dangle them just out of her reach.  Tessa tolerates it briefly.


And then she starts to give me this look and I know it is time to redirect Missa Sabrina to find her own toys.


Today they were playing and Tessa scooted herself over to the extra dining chair I have sitting in the living room.  Sabrina tried to tell her she wasn’t allowed to touch it because it is Sabrina’s chair (as is everything else in the house according to her).  Sabrina climbed up.  I didn’t have the camera ready but Tessa pulled herself halfway up.  Her butt was off the ground and I was almost sure she was going to stand up.  I couldn’t get her to repeat it for the camera.


Sabrina is quite adamant that all photos taken should be of her.  This is what I got when I first pulled out the camera to try and get a photo of Tessa scooting:


And Sabrina would like everyone to know “I like Dora bike!”


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Not an April Fools post


gateway_pacific_blue_laptopSteve surprised me with a new (refurbished) laptop about a month ago.  (It is blue and pretty.  And I will love him and pet him and I will name him George.)  (If you don’t get the Bugs Bunny reference you are too young to read my blog.)  My 4 year old laptop had been throwing the blue screen of death around for about 6 months and we weren’t sure how many more times we could revive her.  The new one was “too good a deal to pass up” according to my geek husband.  (You need to keep in mind that he is a software engineer and is wicked smart about all things computer.)

Saturday there was a huge storm.  Tornadoes flying about.  Wind whipping lawn furniture around.  The power went on and off a few times.  Skies an eerie color that make you wish you had a basement.  The world is ending kind of thing.  After it passed, I tried to turn on my laptop. Nothing.  Steve tried.  Nothing.  Neither of us could believe that the 5 week old laptop had been zapped by the storm.  (No surge protector. Stupid, I know.)

Steve calls customer service hoping maybe they wouldn’t ask questions and that “It’s dead” might be sufficient to invoke the warranty on the refurb.  Steve rolls his eyes as they ask him to walk through the basic manual steps to revive it.  (He mocks these kind of customer service people because they are reading from manual and generally know much less than he does.  But he is nice to them and plays along.)  You know…the “sir did you reboot it?” variety.  After he walked through a few steps with them, to Steve’s astonishment, the laptop booted up.

He realized that the plug jack in the back is loose.  It wasn’t making a good connection on Saturday and the battery got drained so it was dead.  Because of the storm we just made the assumption that it was zapped without really investigating.  Heh. I can now harrass my geek hubby with “Sir is it plugged in?” jokes.

There is a little bit of joy when my genius hubby has blonde moments too.

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